• Cranberry

    IQF cranberries

    Calibrated- according customer request, Uncalibrated
    Cultivated, Wild
    Country of origin: USA, Canada, Lithuania, Belarus
    Varieties: Howes, Pilgrim, Mc Farlin, Stevens, Ben Lear

    IQF cranberries are product prepared from fresh, clean, sound, ripe cranberries of firm structure.  Quick frozen cranberries should be free from foreign flavor and odour. Product is free from clumps, sand, grit, other foreign material, stalks and other vegetable material. Description will be soon.

  • Halal Japanese Style Fried K...

    Fully cooked chicken breast fillets in a crispy panko breadcrumb coating and individually quick frozen.

  • Movenpick Blackcurrant &#038...

    A delightful duo. There’s no doubt that this combination of a smooth ice cream and an intensive blackcurrent sorbet provides a sensory enjoyment which is greater than the sum of its parts. The creation initially reveals the natural blackcurrant flavour which is then superseded by the full-bodied texture of the finest cream. Get ready for a doubly pleasurable experience!

  • Blueberry

    calibrated  blueberries, uncalibrated  blueberries

    IQF blueberries are product prepared from fresh, clean, sound, ripe blueberries of firm structure. Quick frozen blueberries should be free from foreign flavor and odour. Product is free from clumps, sand, grit, other foreign material, stalks and other vegetable material.
    Please contact us if you need more detailed specifications or quotation.

  • VBites Meat-Free Beef Style ...

    All the flavour and taste of a traditional Sunday roast without the meat – just add Yorkshire puddings! Alternatively, slice and dice to prepare traditional family favourites such as casserole, goulash and chilli con carne.

  • Weetabix Protein Vanilla

    Weetabix On the Go High Protein Breakfast Drinks contain all the energy and fibre of a Weetabix cereal with milk* plus are high in protein so they set you up for a great day even when there’s no time to stop for breakfast.

    These three smooth and delicious drinks contain 4 vitamins and iron and no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.

    Weetabix On the Go High Protein Breakfast Drinks are a proper breakfast – bottled.

    *Based on a typical Weetabix breakfast cereal with semi-skimmed milk. Calculated Feb 2015.

  • McCain Spicy Peri-Peri Fries

    Looking for some mid-week inspiration? Our Spicy Peri Peri Fries are big on flavour and will liven up any meal.  Perfect for serving with grilled chicken.
  • Heinz Sweet Chilli Tomato Pi...

    Heinz Pickles

    Heinz has an extensive range of Pickles & Spreads that can be used in Sandwiches, with Salads or with hot food like Jacket Potatoes or omelettes.

    All our Spreads and Pickles are made with quality ingredients that you expect from Heinz.

    Heinz Sweet Chilli Tomato Pickle 

    Our Heinz Sweet Chilli Tomato Pickle is the ideal accompaniment to add a kick to your favourite sandwich, bagel or wrap and is perfect with fajitas!

    Sizes available: 280g

    Heinz policy of continuous product improvement may result in a change to the label. You are advised to always check the label for changes to the allergen status, ingredients and nutrition of our products.

  • Birds Eye Steamfresh Family ...

    Carrots, broccoli florets and sweetcorn.

    Our fresh and tasty Steamfresh Family Favourite Mix blends specially selected Field Fresh vegetables. Our clever steamers lock in the natural goodness and flavour, delivering perfect tasty results every time. Simply serve with Birds Eye Inspirations fish recipes for a great tasting meal you will love.


    These tasty tiny treats deliver the popular combination of scrummy Cadbury Dairy Milk and classic Caramel, just in a bag full of friendly, nibble-sized pieces.

  • Traybake – Luxurious Biscu...

    A chocolate and sultana biscuit base, topped with indulgent milk chocolate.

  • Aviko Sweet Potato Fries Thi...

    Find the perfect premium fries for your menu. Choose from Aviko Supercrunch, Aviko Superlongs or Pure & Rustic (chilled).
    Or add colour to your menu with our vibrant Sweet Potato Fries.

    Vibrant and crunchy, these gluten-free Sweet Potato Fries are a premium addition to your menu

    sweet potatoes, canola oil, modified starch, rice flour, dextrin, salt, rising agent (E500, E450), colour (paprika extract), thickener (E415).

  • Birds Eye Mini Potato Waffle...

    Mini waffles made with freshly mashed potatoes.

    Our mini version of a classic teatime favourite… Made with real potatoes and gluten free. Available in a small bag or big bag and ready on the grill in 5-10 minutes.

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