This is to certify that UK Frozen Food have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that all items marked with the Halal logo are actually halal and the relevant halal certification has been taken from the manufacturers and are available on request.


The general understanding of Halal food is that they are pork-free or in the case of meat, slaughtered according to Islamic regulations. But beyond this, Halal foods really have a much wider definition.

Halal foods are foods that do not contain animal parts forbidden by Islam and foods that do not contain “filth” under Islamic law, for example pork, blood, carrion, faeces or any substances which are contaminated by “filth”. Even the equipment used to prepare or process Halal foods must be free from items of non-Halal animal origin or “filth”.

Throughout preparation, processing or storage, Halal foods must also not have contact with “filth” or other food items which are non-Halal.


Actually, everyone can enjoy Halal foods. For the Muslims, the products are safe for consumption as religious criteria outlined under the Shriah Law are fulfilled. Non-Muslims benefit too, as Halal products are manufactured under hygienic, sanitary and quality management processes as required under the Halal certification process. In fact, hygiene is strongly emphasised in Islam and it encompasses every aspect of hygiene – personal, clothing, equipment and premises where the food is processed or prepared. The objective is to ensure that the food produced is hygienic and not harmful to human health.

Halal products have great export potential, with an estimated 1.3 billion Muslim consumers worldwide. But then again, Halal foods are not restricted to Muslims only, so business opportunities are tremendous.

The next time you go shopping, do look out for that assuring “HALAL” logo because now you understand that it is more than just a religious requirement.

Listed below are some of the Halal Certification organisations in the UK:

1. Halal Monitoring Committee –

2. Halal Food Authority –

3. The Halal Authority Board (HAB) –

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