• Birds Eye Field Fresh Very F...

    Very Fine Green Beans.

    Picked and frozen for the perfect taste
    Our Green Beans are picked and frozen within hours to create the perfect taste.

  • Birds Eye Steamfresh Mexican...

    Steamed long grain rice with vegetables and Mexican style seasoning.

    Our tasty Steamfresh Mexican Rice is steamed to perfection in our unique pyramid steamer, allowing the flavours to gently infuse for a delicious vegetable rich rice dish in minutes. Our fluffy rice tastes delicious served with Birds Eye Inspirations – why not give it a try?

  • Halal Chicken Breast Strips ...

    Steam cooked chicken fillets which have been tumbled in brine solution and flattened before being hand cut to size.

  • Ski Mousse Lemon with Mering...

    Go on, get a little zesty with this pot of lemony deliciousness.

  • Papaya

    IQF papaya
    Country of origin: China, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand
    Varieties: Solo,
    IQF papaya is a product prepared from fresh, clean, sound, ripe papaya of firm structure.  Quick frozen papaya should be free from foreign flavor and odour. Product is free from clumps, sand, grit, other foreign material and  vegetable material.

  • Blackcurrant Hydro

    Sugar Free Still Spring water with Natural Blackcurrant flavourings with sweeteners

    Loaded with great tasting flavouring from blackcurrants, make sure you’re ready for a big mouthful of bold, bouncing berry flavouring with Hydro Blackcurrant No added sugar.

  • Lindahls Kvarg DRINK –...

    171 KCAL
    23g PROTEIN
    13g CARBS
    2.7g FAT

  • Oranges

    Health benefits of oranges

    • Nutrients in oranges are plentiful and diverse. The fruit is low in calories, contains no saturated fats or cholesterol, but is rich in dietary fiber, pectin, which is very effective in persons with excess body weight. Pectin, by its action as bulk laxative, helps to protect the mucous membrane of the colon by decreasing its exposure time to toxic substances as well as by binding to cancer causing chemicals in the colon. Pectin has also been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels by decreasing its re-absorption in the colon by binding to bile acids in the colon.
    • Oranges, like other citrus fruits, is an excellent source of vitamin C (provides about 60% of DRI); Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant. Consumption of foods rich in vitamin C helps body develop resistance against infectious agents and also, scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the blood.
    • Orange fruit contains a variety of phytochemicals. Hesperetin and Narigenin are flavonoids found in citrus fruits. Naringenin is found to have a bio-active effect on human health as antioxidant, free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, and immune system modulator. This substance has also been shown to reduce oxidant injury to DNA in vitro studies.
    • Oranges also contain very good levels of vitamin A, and other flavonoid antioxidants such as alpha andbetacarotenesbetacryptoxanthinzeaxanthin and lutein. These compounds are known to have antioxidant properties. Vitamin A also required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin and is also essential for vision. Consumption of natural fruits rich in flavonoids helps body to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.
    • It is also a very good source of B-complex vitamins such as thiamin, pyridoxine and folates. These vitamins are essential in the sense that body requires them from external sources to replenish.
    • Orange fruit also contains a very good amount of minerals like potassium and calcium. Potassium in an important component of cell and body fluids helps control heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Almondy mousse cake Lovely L...

    Crisp and fresh citrus flavor! A lovely mousse cake with almond base with fresh lemon curd and wonderfully smooth lemon mousse. Coated with a lemon cover and topped with lemon crisp.

  • Halal Hot & Spicy Roast...

    Marinated chicken wings, fully cooked and frozen.

  • Actimel Vanilla yogurt drink

    Start your day the Actimel way,with a scrumptious

    Vanilla yogurt drink.

    Actimel. The yogurt drink that’s alive and kicking with flavour. Contains Vitamins D & B6 which support the normal function of the immune system.

    Yogurt drink with L.Casei Danone cultures, vitamins B6 and D, and vanilla flavouring.

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