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UK Frozen Food Ltd has been established since 2003, we manufacture and supply a huge range of frozen, ambient food and drink products; we specialise in frozen food but over the years due to increasing customer needs we have extended our product range to include chilled and ambient products and drinks too.

Blazing a Trail: Kahuna Casino’s Recipe for a Frozen Food Partnership

When it comes to innovative collaborations, Kahuna Casino isn’t afraid to tread the uncharted waters. Imagine this – a fusion of the gaming world with the realm of frozen food. Picture yourself spinning the reels of pokies while enjoying a mouthwatering frozen treat. Now, that’s a combo that could leave us all licking our lips!

Kahuna Casino has the opportunity to revolutionize the way we experience online gaming. By partnering with a frozen food supplier, they could offer players a tantalizing selection of frozen delights to savor during their gaming sessions. It’s a pairing that taps into our sensory cravings and adds a unique layer of enjoyment to the gaming experience.

Whether it’s a frosty gelato or a chilled fruit popsicle, the frozen food partnership could redefine how we indulge while chasing those jackpots. It’s all about bringing a touch of Aussie creativity to the world of online gaming and satisfying our hunger for both thrills and delectable treats. With Kahuna Casino leading the way, the fusion of gaming and frozen food might just be the next big thing that has us all hooked.

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We supply every day household branded food and drink products such as McCain, Birdseye, Heinz, Nestle, Coca Cola etc but we also offer unbranded and private label products. 

Our commitment to provide excellence and deliver bespoke quality products has gained us a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of food and drink products in the industry. 

Our main focus and expertise lies in manufacturing and distribution of frozen and halal products; we manufacture many halal products which include Asian sub continent speciality foods aswell as western and international products which the ever growing Muslim customer wish to consume as halal. 

We only manufacture halal in our factory so there is no risk of cross contamination and as we have been operating since 2003 we are one of the oldest specialist halal companies in the UK; if you are looking for a long established, experienced, stable company that are experts in the frozen halal sector UK Frozen Food Ltd is the perfect supplier for you. 

We proudly serve business customers across the UK, Europe and international markets and we have the capacity to offer these products under private label and offer a complete business solution where we can organise labelling, packaging, production and frozen delivery to most countries around the world; we can manage the whole process for our customers and hence making it very easy for you to purchase and launch own label frozen and halal products in international markets.

 Please note at present we only deliver to business customers in bulk and not residential customers.

Aswell as manufacturing frozen and halal products we import many products from various countries to deliver cost effective solutions to customers in the UK and offer a variety of products accommodating various cultures and tastes; please refer to the products section on our website to see the full selection of products we offer.

We have an extremely proud belief and attitude that we can deliver not just branded food and drink products but also bespoke and speciality foods within clients budgets, proving an all round complete solution and service to open new markets for customers worldwide, so if you want a long established, professional company to serve your every day needs please contact us and it will be an honour to serve you

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