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red, white ,blanched, unblanched, pre-fried ,diced, sliced, strips, wedges, whole peel onions
IQF Diced Onions are prepared from fresh sound raw material that is free from all toxic residues and taints. The product will comply in all respects with the provisions of the relevant National Legislation and EU regulations, where appropriate and other respects with any applicable codes of practice.

Frozen red onion, Frozen white onion, blanched, unblanched, pre-fried onion, diced, sliced, strips, wedges.

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Sliced IQF Onion:
2-4 mm
3-5 mm
4-6 mm
5-7 mm


Diced IQF Onion:
4 mm
6 mm
10 mm
20 mm


Peeled Onion:
40+ mm
40 – 60 mm
60 – 80 mm
80 – 100 mm

Chilled Onion Rings:
40- 100 mm



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