Olive Oil

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Types of Olive Oil
There are three main types of olive oils. They are classified into the following as per the International Olive Oil Council, a premier body which deals with olive

  • The first type of olive oil is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This oil is rich in flavour and is the best quality. It is extracted by an process whereby the olives are first pressed or crushed to extract the liquid oil. This requires the least amount of processing
  • The second type of oil used is the Virgin Olive Oil. It is extracted from the first pressing alone and is of a reasonably good quality.
  • The third type is the Pure Olive Oil. This type of oil undergoes chemical treatment and other refining or filtering procedures so that the taste, flavour and the richness of olive oil is brought out. Refined and pure olive oils are combined in this process.
  • Another heavily processed form of the oil is the extra light olive oil and it is different from the original to a large extent in taste and flavour.


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