Heinz Macaroni Cheese

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Heinz Pasta Meals

If you’re looking for a quick meal, Heinz Pasta Meals taste great. Ravioli, Spaghetti Bolognese and Macaroni Cheese – classic recipes that are great for a quick tea when the kids are heading out of the door for football practice or ballet.

Heinz Macaroni Cheese

Heinz Macaroni Cheese – the well loved recipe is another of the nation’s favourites. Traditionally a favourite dish in Scotland, it is loved by both adults and children alike, and being low in fat and sugar, it’s another quick meal that you can add to your list!  Fancy a twist on the standard recipe? Why not try adding some HP sauce for a bit of a kick, or some sausages to create a more substantial meal?

Sizes Available: 200g, 400g.

*Nutritional image represents a 200g can of Macaroni Cheese

Heinz policy of continuous product improvement may result in a change to the label.  You are advised to always check the label for changes to the allergen status, ingredients and nutrition of our products.



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