Birds Eye Cod Fillets Tomato & Rosemary

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rosemary sauce.

Tasty, gorgeous fish crafted by us for you
We’ve partnered our succulent cod fillets with a delicious tomato, rosemary & olive oil sauce, created from the freshest, finest ingredients.
Our bake perfect bag gently steams and infuses the fish with flavour, guaranteeing you a scrumptious dinner.



General InformationIngredient DeclarationNutritional Information
Cod Fillets Tomato & Rosemary


Cooking Instructions – General

Tastiest when Oven Baked Straight from the Freezer.
To Serve: Remove the bag from the oven/microwave, shake gently. Tear or cut the end of the bag with scissors.
Be careful, bag and contents will be hot!
Fish comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and so do ovens and microwaves, so while you’ll always get a tasty fish dish the shape of the fillet and sauce quantity may also vary.
Please ensure food is cooked until piping hot.
These instructions are guidelines only.
Do not refreeze after defrosting.

Oven cook – From Frozen

190°C, Fan 170°C, Gas Mark 5, 30 mins.
Pre-heat oven.
Place the bag containing the fish on a baking tray.
Do not pierce the bag.
Middle of oven.
Two or more portions may require longer time.

Microwave – From Frozen

Full Power 1 bag, 650W/B 5 mins, 750W/D 4 1/2 mins, 850W/E 4 1/2 mins.
Full Power 2 bags, 650W/B 9 mins, 750 W/D 8 mins, 850W/E 8 mins.
Stand for 1 minute.

Storage Instructions

Store in a freezer at -18°C or cooler.

Safety Instructions

Ingredient Declaration

Cod (Fish) (84%)


Palm Kernel Fat

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tomato Flakes



Rice Starch


Natural Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin)#


Onion Powder

Black Pepper

Fish Gelatine

#Lecithin is used to help the sauce blend with the fish juices on cooking, it is a natural material found in many traditional food ingredients

Allergen information

For allergens see ingredients in bold.


Nuritional Information – Adult

Nutritional Information Per Serving Nutritional Information Per 100g
Carbohydrate 1.3 0.9
Carbohydrate of which Sugars 0.6 0.4
 kcal 195 kcal 131 kcal
 kJ 810 kJ 548 kJ
Fat 11 7.5
Fat of which Saturates 5.5 3.7
Fibre Dietary 0.3 0.2
Protein 22 14.9
Salt 0.75 0.5


As Sold 100g Provides: Per Portion (148g) Oven Baked Provides:
Energy – kJ 548kJ 810kJ
– kcal 131kcal 195kcal
Fat 7.5g 11.0g
– of which Saturates 3.7g 5.5g
Carbohydrate 0.9g 1.3g
– of which Sugars 0.4g 0.6g
Fibre 0.2g 0.3g
Protein 14.9g 22.0g
Salt 0.50g 0.75g
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