Aviko Steam Blanched Sauté Potatoes

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A range of semi-prepared Steam Blanched potato products.100% natuaral, no additvives or preservative, our Steam Blanched products can be used straight from the bag (no need to rinse)

Semi-prepared, Steam Blanched sauté potatoes, suitable for various cooking methods




Product InformationLogisticsNutritional vramsalue per 100 gramsPreparation
Article number 804818
EAN-Code Foil 8710449922956
EAN-Code Box 8710449922949
Weight per piece Not available
Shelf Life 19 days at 0-4°C
Packaging Capacity 5000 g
Content per box 2 x 5000 g
Cartons per layer 9
Layers per pallet 8
Cartons per pallet 72
Pallet dimensions Not available
Energy 350kj (80kcal)
Protein 2g
Carbohydrates 17.5g
Of which sugar 1g
Fat 0g
Of which saturated 0g
Food fibres 2g
Salt 0.005g
Allergens Not available
Fryer Not available
Oven 17-20 min. (200°C, convection)
Combi Steamer 15-20 min. (100°C, 100% steam).
Frying pan 7-10 min.
High Speed Cooker Not available
Au bain Marie Not available
Pan Not available
Boil Not available
Microwave Not available
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