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As a leading foodservice supplier of multiple food categories, UK Frozen Food Ltd is a resource you can rely on for a wide breadth of popular and profitable food products.

UK Frozen Food Ltd is a halal food manufacturer and halal food supplier.

We specialise in halal frozen food distribution, some of the items we provide are:

1. Halal Pies
2. Halal Pasties
3. Halal Burgers
4. Halal Chicken Burgers
5. Halal Beef Burgers
6. Halal Lamb Burgers
7. Halal Sausages
8. Halal Samosas
9. Halal Spring Rolls
10. Halal Lasagne
11. Halal Kebabs
12. Halal Chicken Doner Kebabs
13. Halal Beef Doner Kebabs
14. Halal Lamb Doner Kebabs
15. Halal Shwarmas
16. Halal Poultry
17. Halal Meat
18. Halal Lamb
19. Halal Beef
20. Halal Chicken
21. Halal Chicken Wings
22. Halal Chicken Drumsticks
23. Halal Chicken Nuggets
24. Halal Chicken Steaks
25. Halal Chicken Pop Corn
26. Halal Chicken Strips
27. Halal Pizza
28. Halal Pizza Toppings
29. Halal Meals
30. Halal Ready Meals
31. Halal Sandwiches
32. Halal Sandwich Fillings

As well as many other products related to the food industry such as soft drinks and ambient halal food products.

We also supply many frozen food branded products such as:

1. McCain
2. Birdseye
3. Heinz
4. Haagen Dazs
5. Wall's
6. Young's
7. Dr Oetker
8. Chicago Town
9. Ben & Jerry's
10. Ross
11. Goodfella's
12. San Marco
13. Aunt Bessie's
14. Findus
15. Nestle
16. Mars
17. Cadbury
18. Weight Watchers
19. Yankee
20. Daloon
21. Bernard Matthews
22. Dalepak
23. Jus Rol
24. Coppenrath & Wiese
25. Lyons Maid
26. Lamb Weston
27. Ardo

We can also manufacture for you halal private label products under your own name or brand for domestic and International markets and we will organise all the packaging, labelling, translations, transportation and shipping for you; making your life easier.

Our customers include various fast food outlets, retailers, supermarkets, educational establishments, caterers, wholesalers as well as other distributors within the food industry.

UK Frozen Food has forged strong partnerships with major manufacturers and suppliers within the UK and Worldwide enabling us to deliver quality products to our customers at the most cost effectives prices.

We currently operate from three centres in the UK with our head offices in London and further distribution depots in the Midlands and the North West, we believe we can cater for any customer in the UK.

Please contact us for further information on our Freephone number 0800 007 6060 or email us on

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